Full Crown Reductions

Full Crown Reductions

Full crown reductions also known as crown shaping or crown thinning is a technique used to reduce the height and spread of a trees canopy. Full crown reduction is a more selective pruning method that aims to maintain the natural shape and structure of the tree.

During this procedure our skilled arborists will carefully evaluate the trees growth pattern, crown density and the overall health to determine which branches to remove or to shorten, This pruning technique has several purposes and benefits …

  • It helps control the size of the tree especially in urban areas where space may be limited and where the tree could interfere with structures, power lines or neighbouring trees.
  • It could improve the trees health and vitality by selectively removing dead, diseased or damaged branches.
  • With new sun light and air circulation penetrating throughout the crown this will promote new growth and enhance the trees overall structural integrity.
  • Will also make the tree more aesthetically pleasing.

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